Nov 28, 2016

2016-12-12 -- RC-STOR4 sluggish.   Too many procs/snapshots hanging.   Reboot later if needed

2016-12-12 -- RC-STOR8 is up.   Failing drive was causing difficulty in rebooting

2016-12-12 --  All Virtual Servers will be have local storage on our new NetApp infrastructure 

A new pair of NetApp servers have replaced the old (and failing) server we have been using.   All of the local storage for the VM images has been moved from the old Netapp (CBNAP1) to the new ones (RCNAP1/RCNAP3) Sunday night..   If you have a server in our VM architecture and it appears to be down, it is probably because some service you need did not restart.

If you manage a virtual server that does not comes up correctly or at all, submit a ticket through

If your issue is related to the rc-sgc cluster, submit your issue to:

Aug 11, 2016

Our Graphpad/PRISM Licenses will expire at the end of the month.  Version 7 is available now.  Read on for information regarding getting the new license key and the software.

Jun 14, 2016

Employees at DFCI are now provisioned a license for the latest version of Microsoft Office…

Feb 05, 2016

Research Computing has hosted data for DFCI’s research labs for many years ...

Feb 04, 2016

Research Computing and the department of Biostatistics and Computational ...

Feb 03, 2016

Research Computing, along with the department of Biostatistics and ...