Code 42 (CrashPlan)


Code42 was previously known as CrashPlan and is the cloud backup software installed on new computers. However,you need to login to activate it. See below for login info.

Please note this applies to single user computers. If it's a shared computer, contact us for installation assistance.

If you wish to install Code42 CrashPlan yourself, you can download the installer from our file server.

  • For Mac: From Finder, click the Go menu, Connect to Server, and enter the address:
    • smb://, then click Guest, and click Connect. go to mac-software, CrashPlanPROe folder.
  • For PC: map network drive and enter this for the server path:
    • \\\rcsoftware, then go to pc-software, CrashPlanPROe folder.

System requirements: Macs must be running MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher,  and PCs must be running Windows 7 or higher.

After installation, open the Code42 CrashPlan software and you are prompted to set it up:

For Mac:

Go to the Applications Folder and run

For PC:

Look for the small icon in the bottom right corner, if Windows 7 or 10, you can click on the up-arrow.


  1. Type in your Firstname, Lastname, DFCI email address for username, your partners password (2x), click Create Account
  2. Next it  begins scanning your User folder, at anytime after scan starts, click Start Backup
  3. It will continue to backup even when outside of Dana-Farber.
  4. If your MacOS is 10.14(Mojave), please make this change to your Mac or you will not backup properly