DFCI PC Laptop Encryption

DFCI PC Laptop Encryption:

In order to setup laptop encryption, computer users need to bring the laptop and power cord to the IS Office in Longwood Galleria.
Important: Users must have their data backed up, if it’s not, we can help backup the User Folder (Desktop, Document Folders, etc)
After user contact help desk for encryption, a Research Tech will email the user to schedule a time for drop off.
A Waiver Form must be filled out releasing us from liability. Laptop Drop-Off Form

Location: We are located in the Longwood galleria food court level across from the Tremont Credit Union. If you are coming from DFCI, walk past Sakura Japan on the right, Red Barn Coffee on the left, keep going to the end and turn the corner. 1st door on the left says “Information Systems”. Just knock.

When installing McAfee Drive Encryption, there is a small chance of loss of your data. This would be very unusual, but it does happen. In the event of a serious problem we can’t fix, our last option is rebuilding the laptop by reformatting it, losing your data. The rebuild includes reinstalling System and Application software like Office, Endnote etc.
We keep the laptop for 1-2 days normally to finish the encryption.

Also, there are some laptop models that have incompatiblity issues with our encryption software, if that’s true with your laptop, the options below are the only choice. You can check this link for the incompatible list:
Besides McAfee Drive Encryption, you have the option of upgrading the laptop to Windows 10 Pro (we highly suggest this option if possible). This upgrade fee which the user or his/her department pays. Windows 10 pro has BitLocker encryption built-in.
To check which version for your windows: Check System Version
If you have windows 10 home, you can upgrade from the App Store for $99.99.
If you have windows 7 or 8, you have to buy the full version for $199.99.

If paying for a personal laptop upgrade is not for you and you don’t want McAfee Drive Encryption, please ask your supervisor about having your department give you a work laptop.


  • if you are leaving DFCI, make sure give us 2 weeks ahead to remove the encryption.
  • no dual boot allowed when it's encrypted.