How to setup Email for Office 365

This is for all user migrated to the Exchange Online. Delete the current profile before you add the new account. if you had a lot of email, it will take some time to delete, so don't panic.
If you only wish to update the current setting for Mac outlook 2011/2016, please check HERE

new Web access link is:

*If this is a laptop, be sure connect to the phswifi3 instead of the guest wireless.

To Setup PC Outlook 2016:

  1. run Outlook 2016, click Next on welcome screen, click Next to add email account.
  2. type in your Name, DFCI email address, and password, then retype the password, click Next.
  3. it will search for mail server settting, after a while, a small window will pop up (but it stay behind the Searching windows),
  4. type in your password, and click the checkbox for "Remember my credentials"
  5. now click Finish.
  6. if you have not activate the office 365 license, it will ask you to do so.
  7. enter your DFCI mail address, next select work account, type in your partners username, then password to finish.


To Setup Mac Outlook 2016:

  1. run Microsoft Outlook, click "Exchange or Office 365".
  2. for email address AND user name, type in your DFCI email address (2x), follow by the password, click Add Account.
  3. on next 2 popups, click the checkbox "Always user my response for this server", click Allow.
  4. now a new popup ask for your partners username, next for your partners password
  5. your email account is all setup.


To Setup Apple Mail: (you have to delete old profile and create New Exchange profile)

  1. run Apple Mail, then click on Exchange, click Continue.
  2. type in your Name, your email address, and your password, click Sign in.


To setup iPhone/iPad:

  1. go to Settings, Mail, Accounts, click Add Account
  2. select Exchange
  3. type in your DFCI email address, Next
  4. type in password, Next
  5. for server, enter, and enter your DFCI email address as username, Next
  6. Save. now wait few min and you should see your emails.

* If you need to access the Shared Mailbox, check