Map Network Drive

If you are using a laptop, make sure you connect to Ethernet or phswifi3 first.

Before you start:

  • the server RC-STOR4, below, is just an example.   Be sure you use the server name you received from us.
  • for <myshare> substitute the name of the share you have received from us.
  • angle brackets "< >" are never part of the server name or share name.
  • a "server path" consists of a server name and a share name  (see example below)
  • If you are a PC user AND have a Partners PC AND you are mapping a research drive 
    • you can use the Mapping Tool below or follow the instructions on #2 manually.

PC: (If you are using a partners pc and mapping a research drive, you can use the Mapping Tool below or follow the instructions on #2 manually.)

  1. With Mapping Tool:  to map any network drive, download this utility: Map Network Drive, unzip it to run.
  2. Without Mapping Tool:
    • Right click on My Computer, and select Map Network Drive.
    • Type in the server path, click Connect using different credentials, click Finish.
    • (click use another account if you see it) Type in <server-name>\username, follow by the research password
    • for example, mapping to \\\myshare
    • for username, (click use another account if you see it), then type <server_name>\<your-username>, followed by the research password

In case you get an error about SMB1, follow this:

Enable SMB1 for Windows 10.


To map a network drive, in Finder, click Go, Connect to Server:

  • for Research Drive, type smb://<servername><share_name>
  • for Partners Drive, type smb://<servername><share_name>

Enter your username and password, click Connect.