Remote Desktop - DFCITS

In order to connect to

For Mac:

you will need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop. From your Mac, click on the Apple icon (top left corner), then select App Store... On Search field, type microsoft remote desktop and select it.

click Get, then click again to install app.

now type in your apple id and password, click Sign in.

after it finish, Microsoft Remote Desktop will be available from your Applications Folder.

Now run the app, click on New.

Enter the following information:

  • Connection name:
  • PC name:
  • User name: partners\your-partners-username
  • Password: your partners password

Click on Session, and click on Checkbox "Forward printing devices", this will allow you to print to your mac printer from dfcits, Now close it.

Now double click on to connect. you will get a security popup for certificate (first time connect). click Show Certificate.

Then click on the check box "Always trust", click Continue.

Now enter your MAC password to update settings.

Once connected, you will see a pc desktop, click on the Windows Start , and select All Programs, select Outlook 2016.

if this is your first time, you will have to enter information to activate the office license.

Type in your DFCI email address, then next screen, your partners username, next screen, your partners password.

To see how to setup outlook profile, click HERE

The new migrated account use your dfci email address as the username for outlook 2016.

To see how to access the public folder, click HERE


For PC:

Click Programs, Accessories, and select Remote Desktop Connection, or just in search field, type in remote desktop and select it to run.

click on Show Options, type in, and partners\your-partners-username, click on checkbox "Allow me to save credentials". click on the Advanced, and select "Connect and don't warn me", click Connect