Retrieving email from the Vault

The Enterprise Vault is a system that archives email to avoid reaching the mailbox size limit.

Please Note: Outlook for Mac 2011 and Office 365 for Mac can no longer use the Symantec Enterprise Vault floating toolbar. The software was discontinued by the vendor.

On a Partners PC, there already exists a built-in toolbar in Outlook for Windows. You can also use the Outlook Tools Menu and select "Enterprise Vault."

Mac Outlook and Apple Mail users: Retrieving email from the Vault via a web browser

For a PC that is not a Partners standard-build, or on a Mac, please use a web browser for viewing and restoring email from the Vault.

Restoring a single email message from the Vault using a web browser

Here is a convenient way to restore or view a single message. The next section covers searching for groups of messages.

When restoring a single email from the Vault, first locate it in Outlook or Apple Mail. You'll see a line in the message that says, "This Message has been archived." Click the link in the email that says, "View the original item." This will open your web browser and display the original email. If you want to save or reply to the email, click the little download icon on the top right of the message (see screenshot below):

Image showing arrow pointing to download icon option in archived email

This icon will download the archived message to your default download folder. Open the downloaded email by double clicking on it in your default download folder. The message will open in your email program where you can reply or forward as desired.

Restoring several messages from the Vault using a web browser

If you have specific information about a group of messages you want to restore, like subject, contents, or a date range, you can find the group of messages using the web interface.

First, locate one of the messages in your Outlook or Apple Mail from the group you want to restore, or determine a date range to search. In the example below, it is a message from January 2, 2013:

Screenshot showing example of an archived email in Outlook

Next, go to

Screenshot showing Enterprise Vault online utility

Click "Search" in the left menu, and enter your search criteria. In the example below it is the sender's name and a date range. Then click the red "Search" button (see below).

Screenshot showing what the Enterprise Vault search option looks like

Before managing the search results, you'll need to create a "basket." Enterprise Vault holds your messages in a "basket," and that basket of messages is what will be restored to your email inbox. Click "New" in the left menu (see screenshot below) to create a new basket. Create an empty basket. You don't need to name it (meaning you can leave the name blank); today's date and time will be used as the default name.

Below is the output that displayed after our sample search. After you search for your messages and create a basket to store them in, select the message(s) from your own search output to place in your basket and restore by checking the checkboxes to the left of the message (see screenshot below). Then click "Restore" in the left menu.

Screenshot showing the results of a search performed in Enterprise Vault

Next, enter the server name as "," enter your Partners username as your mailbox alias (see screenshot below), and click "Restore."

Screenshots showing what data to enter in order to restore emails from Enterprise Vault to a user's Outlook client

Wait one or two minutes, then look in your mailbox "Restored Items" folder on the left for your restored messages.