MAC: (New)

We have a new JAVA -Less VPN solution.
It requires you have the latest Cisco which is version 4.5 or later, and Mac OS 10.11 ( El Capitan) or later, although it may work with Mac OS X10.10.5

1. Install or upgrade to Cisco AnyConnect client version 4.5.02036 or newer via PEAS Self Service
2. Open the Cisco client application or open the connection window from Cisco. ( Do not open a browser)
3. Type or copy pvc.partners.org/saml into the Cisco address.

It should open a browser window and ask you to log in.


NOTE: This will not work if you are connected to the Partners network. VPN only works from outside networks.

Requirements: MacOS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 or newer Cisco AnyConnect client 4.5.02036



Connect to http://www.partners.org/vpn/, and click Connect, then login with username/password.

MAC: (Old)

Install Java: http://www.java.com/

After that, go to System Preferences, Java, then click on Advanced tab,

and uncheck "Enable blacklist revocation check".

Either use Safari, or Firefox ESR: download Firefox ESR: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/

From the Firefox ESR, connect to http://www.partners.org/vpn/, and click Connect, then login with username/password.

While connecting, you will see a popup on top of the browser, click "Allow", then "Allow and remember"

you might get pop ups as below depends which server you connected to.

click on "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above" and click Run.

click "do not show this again for this app and web site", and click Allow.

after that, it should show connection established.



You can download Firefox ESR: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/

Windows 10: you can also run the Internet Explorer instead of Edge for VPN.

In the Windows 10 taskbar search, type Internet Explorer and you will see it appear in the results.

Clicking on it will open Microsoft Internet Explorer.

you should pin IE icon to Windows 10 Start or Taskbar.

Right-click on the Start search result and select Pin to Start or Pin to taskbar, according to your preference. The IE icon will get pinned.