Microsoft Office is now available

Apr 18, 2017
As a Dana-Farber employee you may install the software on a PC/Mac, phone, or tablet. You will have 5 user licenses per class of device; 5 PC/Mac, 5 phones, and 5 tablets for a total of 15 possible installs on personal devices. NOTE: These licenses will be revoked upon end of employment at DFCI, and the software will revert to only allow reading of documents and worksheets. It will not allow Saving.


Partners PCs

You can identify a Partners PC by labels annotated as “Partners Healthcare System”, “Device #” and barcode. Additionally, Partners PCs will have a grey and red window for a screensaver and login. If a machine you’d like office installed on is a Partners PC, the installation is  managed by our colleagues in Information Services.


All other computing devices - PC/MAC:

Use a web browser to go to and enter your DFCI email address

On the next page, enter your Partners User Name

Next enter your email password

Click the button on the right “Install Now”


Phones and Tablets:

On mobile devices, Office is available on iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tables, and WinOS phones and tablets.

Follow the link in the Microsoft portal page “Get Office on your devices” and follow those instructions.


For more information from Information Services , please visit the Office 365 page.


If you are unable to log into the portal webpage, please contact the help desk @ 617-632-3399 or submit a ticket to with the description “DFCI Research – Provision Office 365 account for non-standard devices.”

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