Network storage modernization

Feb 05, 2016

Research Computing has hosted data for DFCI’s research labs for many years on storage systems that have served the community well, but are aged and due for retirement. Our team has implemented more than 1 petabyte (PB) of available network storage, which will replace and extend the capabilities of the existing system. Key to this upgrade is the safe migration of data from the old servers to the new. Thus, the process has been designed with a focus on data integrity.

Key features of the new system include:

Removal of 1TB limit on network storage

There is no longer a hard limit of 1TB on network storage. The new system provides larger file systems, which are easily expandable.

Improved data transfer between cores and centers

Research Computing is working with DFCI core facilities and research centers to integrate data storage, enabling data to be delivered immediately via interconnected folders. In addition to immediate data delivery, the goals are to reduce data duplications and eliminate the need for external storage devices for transferring large files.

Data protection

Using the ZFS file system, the new architecture will provide point-in-time backups of stored data, with the shortest auto-save time point being 15 minutes. For added protection, each of these servers will have a parallel (or “mirrored”) server, which is updated daily, and also maintains point-in-time saves.