Platform Status

Nov 28, 2016

Information is provided as a way to ensure transparency and awareness of the Research Computing platform. If you're experiencing an issue that is not listed, please submit a ticket via our webform.

2016-12-12 -- RC-STOR8 is up.   Failing drive was causing difficulty in rebooting

2016-12-12 --  All Virtual Servers will be have local storage on our new NetApp infrastructure 

A new pair of NetApp servers have replaced the old (and failing) server we have been using.   All of the local storage for the VM images has been moved from the old Netapp (CBNAP1) to the new ones (RCNAP1/RCNAP3) Sunday night..   If you have a server in our VM architecture and it appears to be down, it is probably because some service you need did not restart.

If you manage a virtual server that does not comes up correctly or at all, submit a ticket through

If your issue is related to the rc-sgc cluster, submit your issue to:

6/20/2016: 11:30am [ RESOLVED - VMs Down] VMs were down because of locked-up blade in our blade center.   Blade has been recycled.   VMs are normal.

6/20/2016 08:15am: [ CURRENT  - VMs Down] We see this morning that a number of our virtual machines are down again.   These include mazzone, vlager, vectornti, lasergene.   There may be others.  We are looking into this now.   Will update when we know more

6/14/2016: [RESOLVED] At ~9:00 am this morning, the central storage system which hosts our virtual machine images had an issue which caused many of our virtual servers to hang. Systems affected were wide spread and included our high performance cluster head nodes.